Providing Loving, Quality Child Care & Preschool Services to Families in Montgomery County for Over Thirty Years

About Rock Spring Children's Center

Rock Spring Children's Center is a non profit, 501(c)(3), child care organization with a mission of providing affordable, quality child care and preschool services to families of the local community.  The School serves over 150 local families and employs over 45 dedicated and loving child care professionals and teachers.  In addition, the School uses its nonprofit status to fundraise each year so that it can offer education benefits for the School's hard working and dedicated teachers, improve the School so that it better serves the community, and offer several partial scholarships to local families with economic need.

The School was formerly located in downtown Bethesda and
called Christ Church Children's Center.  It has been serving families in the local area for over 25 years.


Rock Spring Children’s Center (“Rock Spring” or “the School”) is non-discriminatory with regard to race, color, sexual orientation, religion, and creed. Our School offers children an environment where they can develop healthy attitudes, an eagerness to learn, a trust in those who care for them, and an awareness that they are special and loved. Indivi­dual needs are met in a stimulating, nurturing program, and talents are developed through shared experiences and a strong, play-based, educational curriculum.

The mission of our program is to provide quality, loving, licensed childcare and preschool education for infants through five year-olds as a nonprofit service to local families. We provide a carefully planned, stimulating play-based program for the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of young children in a safe, clean, and nurturing environment so that they are thoroughly equipped for kindergarten and beyond. Our teachers, directors, and families work together to create a supportive community in which our children learn and thrive.   

Our guiding principle during our long history has been to provide the best quality care for our children that we can reasonably provide.  We have accomplished this by hiring the most loving and caring teachers we can find and treating them as well as we can so that their happiness cascades over to our children.  As a nonprofit, our tuition is simply a reflection of what it costs to care for each child at the school.  However, in order to truly provide the best environment possible, our community of families and caregivers needs the active participation of our parents.  Parental participation is encouraged and expected in such activities as chaperoning field trips, participating in class parties, helping with our fundraisers and donating to the School, coordinating other social events, and/or contributing in any other way to meet the multiple needs of the school. 

We believe that, as a community, we can provide the best environment possible for our children when we all work together to pool our talents and resources.  Such a cooperative spirit is the best solution to the challenge we face in balancing the many complex demands of today’s world.  When our families join our community and experience this cooperative spirit, it quickly becomes apparent why so many have come to see our school as a very special place and an extension of their families.