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Waitlist FAQ's

1)  What is my place on the waitlist?

There is not a simple answer to this question.  In terms of the date you got on the waitlist, you might be 30th.  But, you may be the 10th in line for an infant spot.  And, if there are 9 people ahead of you for infant spots, 3 of them may not want a spot until after your preferred date.  Because of these types of factors, we cannot give simple answers to the question of where you are on the waitlist. 

2)  How long will it take to get until I get a spot at the School?

In addition to the issues described above, families should understand that there are many factors, such as luck and how well your child or family matches with a particular spot, that determine when and if you will get an offer.  For example, sometimes a spot must be filled with a child born in a certain month because of when that child will need to transition to the next room, and the child at the bottom of the list is the only one born in the needed time frame.  Other times, a spot might come up on short notice and be offered to a family who is able to be more flexible about their start date or how much notice they need.  This is one of the reasons we encourage families on the waitlist to send emails every so often checking in and updating us of their status.

4)  What happens if you offer me a spot and I decline?

If you decline the spot, you may be moved to the bottom of the list with the date that the spot was offered as your new date that you were placed on the waitlist. We won’t move you down the list in an instance where we offer the spot to you on short notice (i.e., we don’t give you at least 1 month’s notice in advance of the start date) or the offer we make to you is not within 1 month of your preferred start date.

5)  Can I email or call to check my place on the waitlist?

Absolutely!  We like to hear from families on the waitlist.  Please do not feel like you are bothering us.  By contacting us, it lets us know that you are still interested in joining the School, even if you got on the list several months ago.  Feel free to call, but emails are best (such as "still interested and hoping something opens up in January or February", "having a family member watch the baby and can start on short notice any time". "found a spot somewhere else, but still interested if something opens up", etc.).

6)  Why do I have to pay $50 to get on the waitlist?

We want people on our waitlist to be certain that they want a spot at our School.  Also, managing the waitlist takes a great deal of time and effort.  We often have several hundred families on the wait list at one time.  We try very hard to keep in contact with all of these families and we expend numerous resources in doing so.  We are a non-profit organization and need to do our best to recover all of the resources we expend in our operations.  The waitlist fee will be applied to your registration fee if your child is enrolled in the School.  Also, do not feel like you need to pay the waitlist fee right away.  Feel free to fill out the online form and then come for a tour or open house and then decide if you want to pay the fee.  We just ask that you please let us know if you decide you are not interested after filling out the online form.