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We feel privileged to send our daughter to Rock Spring.  When we talk about it with her or with our friends, we say she is “going to school,” and that is how we feel.  Rock Spring is not a daycare; it is a school in the best, holistic sense of the word.  It is a rich, diverse community where social and emotional growth is nurtured alongside developmentally appropriate cognitive learning opportunities. 

Having each spent over a decade in education, both at the elementary and high school level, we have a deep appreciation for the thoughtfulness, competence and commitment we see from the staff and teachers.  Our child feels a connection to the entire community, and as we walk through the halls she is known by teachers who are not hers, and she, in turn, knows and talks with them.  Teacher conferences are not one-sided informational sessions, but forums for the partnership between parents and teachers to deepen beyond the excellent daily exchanges at drop-off and pick-up. 

The regular communications from the administration are clear, timely and thorough, and they often highlight a proactive step the institution is taking to improve part of the program.  The facilities are outstanding and allow for hearty activity rain or shine, hot or cold.  We honestly feel like Rock Spring is giving our daughter the best educational experience possible in the Washington area, which is a true luxury.


The Hanrahan Family

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It is not cheap to have our child in great care for over 40 hours each week in a stimulating educational environment.  However, our son went on to kindergarten confident and more than ready.  We view the money we spent as one of the best investments we could have made. 

The Garrido Family

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We currently have two children enrolled at RSCC, Ella (age 3) and Leo (11 months) and could not be happier.  While the playground, extra classes (ballet, soccer, jump bunch, zumba), field trips, and overall facilities are all wonderful, what set RSCC apart is the teachers and staff.  They are all so loving, friendly, and skilled that we know our children are being well cared for, educated, and are having fun. 

Our three year old regularly tell us how much she loves her teachers and how much fun it is at school.  One of the things that has really impressed us is the level of communciation we have with the teachers.  There is an open, ongoing dialog with the teachers and administrators about our children and their daily activities. 

You can tell that the teachers are very devoted to the children and really enjoy their jobs.  For example, when one of our children is out sick, a teacher will call, ask how they are feeling, and say how much they are missed.   We also really enjoy the sense of community which exists at the school.  We would highly recommend RSCC to any family.

The Rodriguez Family

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We feel so fortunate have had our two sons attend Rock Spring Children’s Center since shortly after the new facility opened in 2008. From the spacious indoor play area to the interesting toys and classroom set-up, we have been pleased with all aspects of the center.   Our kids are happy at morning drop-off and are often not ready to leave at pick-up.


The teachers are kind and conscientious. They clearly see their positions as more than just a job, as we have noticed they show true enthusiasm and love for the children. We have found the teachers to be friendly and informative whenever we have had questions or concerns about the class curriculum or the progress of our boys. We are frequently impressed at how well RSCC is organized-- and this is due to the wonderfully competent and engaged administrative staff. They are always approachable and keep the center running smoothly in all situations.

In addition to the typical school day, scheduled fieldtrips and potluck dinners provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other.  RSCC is not only a daycare center, but a community of families brought together through their children.


The Tender Family

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What first attracted us to Rock Spring Children’s Center (we first toured the old center) was the warmth we felt immediately from the teachers and staff during our tour.  With our first son not even born yet I knew these were the people with whom we would entrust our children’s care. When the Center moved to the new location we were even more thrilled.  We knew we made the right decision for our family without any doubt. 

We now have two children enrolled at Rock Spring Children’s Center, and feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful, caring and supportive place for our children to spend their time.  Our sons have a true bond with all their teachers, from every age level, which makes us very happy to  know they are in loving arms while away from ours.   

The teachers provide such an appropriate balance of structure and fun for our spirited boys and you can see the happiness on their faces when they get to walk thru the Center’s doors every day.  The amount of hugs, kisses and patience they receive has helped  nurture them into the happy and smiley little boys they are today.  Another important factor on why we are so pleased to be at Rock Spring is due to the level of communication received from the Administration.  Being away from our children for so many hours during the day and knowing we can call the office with any questions, or know we will be contacted immediately should something come up, keeps us at ease.

We would enthusiastically recommend Rock Spring Children’s Center to any family looking to place their child or children in a place where they will be well cared for and stimulated to learn and grow.

The Larranaga Family 

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RSCC is more than a “day care center”.  It is a nursery, a school, a community and truly an extension of our family.  We have two children at RSCC (ages 2 and 5).   From the caring and professional teachers in the infant rooms to the pre-k classrooms and every class in between, we’ve been truly delighted with our children’s learning experience. 

RSCC makes everything easy for parents – e.g. extended day pick-up and Parents’ Night Out (a favorite).  They have a solid curriculum that they weave through formal lessons and playtime, making school fun for our kids.  Other optional activities like Jump Bunch, Ballet, Soccer and summer/seasonal field trips along with two GREAT age appropriate outdoor play areas make RSCC second to none. 

The sense of community is infectious and is reinforced with events like the annual Potluck, Founder’s Day Party & Halloween Parade and the Annual Fundraiser.  In the words of my five year old, “I want to stay at my school FOREVER!” and I could not agree with her more.

The Bishop/Sharp Family