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Five Year Old Program


     The Swan class was developed for those children who have may have been through the four year old program, but are not quite old enough for kindergarten. These children are usually those with Fall birthdays in September, October, and sometimes November (space permitting).  One focus in this class is on “skill building,” and we expand on and enrich those skills learned in the four year old program. To achieve this, we use the HighReach curriculum. This curriculum covers many skills and concepts such as:

Letter Recognition

Initial Consonant Sounds

Blending Phonemes

Reading Comprehension

Creative Writing

Number Concepts 0-20

Addition & Subtraction

Ordinal Position & Patterning


Time & Money


Analysis & Experiment

Cultural Awareness

     With a mix of structured learning time and playtime in an environment that is hands-on, fun, exciting and enriching, your child will leave the Swan class with confidence and a head start on kindergarten.

Swan Curriculum Brochure