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Four Year Old Program
Geese and Ducks

    The children in these classrooms are capable of taking on more responsibilities and being more independent.

    We teach by choosing fun and interesting themes, often taking cues from things in which the children show interest. We work on letter and number recognition year round and provide the children with a print rich environment. We label almost every item in the classroom, keep track of the clock with the children, identify letters and words in titles of books, learn to recognize words related to our current units, such as “zoo” or “ocean,” practice writing our names, encourage the children to write their names on their art-work, have the children dictate things for us to write and display, read, read, read, and so much more!

    While in these classrooms, children become comfortable with letters, numbers and words and begin to recognize their meanings.

Geese and Duck Curriculum Brochure