Providing Loving, Quality Child Care & Preschool Services to Families in Montgomery County for Over Thirty Years

  Welcome to the Pond!

Infants:              Guppies & Minnows (6 weeks to around 10 months)

Mobile Babies:    Tadpoles & Goldfish (10 months to between 15 & 18 months)

Toddlers:             Salamanders & Frogs

Twos:                  Dragonflies , Butterflies & Fireflies

Threes:                Otters & Turtles

Fours:                 Geese & Ducks

Fives:                  Swans

Rock Spring Children’s Center, formerly C.C. Children’s Center, has a 25 year history of serving the families in the community with loving, quality child care. The enriching and engaging learning environment keeps children stimulated and challenged, easing the transition to kindergarten.

Children at Our School Receive a Full Day, Year-Round Education Program

Even in these youngest rooms, we find opportunities to begin introducing the three elements of our Preschool Program: learning through play, thematic units and the Creative Curriculum.  At this point of development, learning through play is the main emphasisThe goal is to ensure that our children are stimulated and challenged each and every day and continue to develop the skills they will need to be successful.