Providing Loving, Quality Child Care & Preschool Services to Families in Montgomery County for Over Thirty Years

School/Parent Communication

It is crucial to the success of the interaction between parents and School that a positive, productive and trusting relationship is established and maintained. To that end, the School engages in multiple methods to keep parents engaged and informed - physical methods such as white boards, newsletters, notices and fliers, as well as electronic methods such as email, an RSCC listserv, and our website. In addition, teachers in each classroom communicate using notes in your child’s cubby as well as white boards or other notices on their doors. Some rooms also use email or blogs to send out weekly or daily updates of what is happening in the classrooms.

The School makes efforts to add parent email addresses to the listserv, but please be sure that at least one email address for each parent is on the listserv.  This is the fastest and most efficient way to learn of school delays and closures and other special situations relating to the School.  To join, send an email to with your child’s name and classroom name in the text of the message.    

If there is ever a problem, parents should feel comfortable discussing issues with teachers and/or Directors. However, we ask that parents be mindful that the School is a childcare and preschool community made up of many families and children. We try to approach each issue with a community-minded and cooperative spirit so that we do the best we can for each child and the School Community as a whole.

Teacher Babysitting/Outside Work

If a parent and teacher enter into an agreement to provide care or perform other work outside of the School, they do so at their own risk.  Such work may not adversely affect the operation of the School.  We love our teachers, but can only guarantee they are suitable caretakers in the School setting where they are under our supervision.  We love our families, but cannot guarantee to the teachers that they will be good employers.  However, the Administration reserves the right to demand that any such outside employment ends at any time for any or no reason.


Child Custody/Separation/Divorce/Other Personal Issues

Issues relating to child custody, separation and/or divorce or other personal issues are between the parties involved and should not involve the School or its personnel.  The School does not enforce custody agreements nor does it facilitate supervised visitation.  Teachers and administrators need to be focused on the children at the School rather than the outside personal issues of the families.  If the Administration judges that a family’s personal situation becomes or threatens to become a problem, this is grounds for immediate termination of enrollment. 

While we sympathize with families wrestling with these types of issues, the School needs clear “all or nothing” directions regarding who is allowed to pick up children.  For example, “only mom is allowed to pick up” or “only dad or dad’s mother are allowed to pick up" or “both parents are allowed to pick up.”  If there is a custody arrangement regarding different parents picking up on certain days, and the wrong parent picks up, this is an issue to be taken up with a lawyer or the Court, not with the School.