Providing Loving, Quality Child Care & Preschool Services to Families in Montgomery County for Over Thirty Years

A. Supplies Needed:

    1. Doctor’s health information form, IMMUNIZATION RECORD and addendum, and emergency cards.

    2. A contingency Emergency Care Plan if your child becomes ill, who will come for him or her.

    3. Four (4) to six (6) full labeled bottles and/or food for the entire day.

    4. If necessary, a sip cup with lid and bibs (3).

    5. Large box of diapers, one box of wipes, and ointment or powder.

    6. Two crib sheets, two blankets, and bumper pads if you would like them.

    7. Two complete sets of extra clothing including shoes or booties.

    8. Child’s daily schedule and routine.


B. Parent responsibilities:

    1. Put food in baskets and refrigerator and take home items that are no longer usable.

    2. Place crib sheets on crib with bumper pads and remove them to be laundered, when necessary.

    3. Complete the daily diary each morning and take it home at the end of the day.