Providing Loving, Quality Child Care & Preschool Services to Families in Montgomery County for Over Thirty Years



Parents are invited and encouraged to visit at any time. Formal conferences are scheduled with the teachers twice a year. It may be possible to arrange conferences by telephone if necessary, but we do require that parents are engaged in their child’s classroom and participate in these conferences.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

Advance notice and/or written permission from a custodial parent must be provided if anyone other than a custodial parent is to pick up a child. Anyone picking a child up at the end of the day must be at least 16 years old and must provide identification. Each day, parents must mark the classroom sign in sheet with the time of drop off and pick up and their signature or initials.

Parking is available in the parking garage (free for 20 minutes) or the guest parking located throughout the office park. Parking is available in front of the building and in other designated RSCC parking spots by the playground and in the garage for those willing to display a Rock Spring bumper magnet or window sticker on their cars. For the safety of the children and to ensure an orderly traffic pattern, please do not turn your car around in the drop off spaces or pull into them facing the wrong way.  If you enter the office park from Rock Spring Drive, please go around the pond so that you can pull into the drop off spaces facing the correct way. Violation of the parking rules or traffic patterns is a safety issue and can result in fines, suspension or immediate termination of enrollment and forfeiture of your deposit. **Parents must provide vehicle information and license plate numbers for the vehicles of those who will be picking up and/or dropping off children.


The School is closed on Labor Day, Columbus Day (staff training day), Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, Winter Break (generally from Christmas Eve to just after New Year's Day depending on which day they fall), Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day (staff training day), Memorial Day, and Independence Day. The School will close early the last Friday in August before Montgomery County Public Schools open so the teachers can prepare their classrooms for the new School Year. Additionally, there may be other days where we must close or close early for staff training. These days will be announced several weeks in advance when and if they are necessary.

Inclement Weather

We are extremely sensitive to the difficulties it can cause families when we have to close the School or open late. However, many of our teachers travel further distances than our families to get to the School. Thus, we try to make sure our closure decisions balance both interests and serve the needs of our families while safeguarding the safety and well-being of all RSCC community members.

In an effort to create consistency during snow emergencies or other inclement weather, our policy is as follows:

(1) If the Federal Government, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Administrative Offices, or Montgomery County Government is closed, RSCC is closed.
(2) If the Federal Government, MCPS Administrative Offices, or Montgomery County Government have a delayed opening, RSCC will also be delayed (typically a 10am opening for RSCC).
(3) If MCPS is closed but the Administrative offices are open, RSCC will generally open at least 2 hours late (9am).*
(4) If MCPS is open two hours late, RSCC will generally open at least 1 hour late (8am).*

*If the issue causing the MCPS delay is one that does not impact RSCC children, for example, concern for children at bus stops during extreme cold, we may open on time even if MCPS is delayed.  Such decisions may also consider how the issue impacts RSCC teachers, for example, their ability to safely navigate roads and public transportation, as the children are best served when the school opens with sufficient staff. 

For instances where snow or other inclement weather develops during the day, our policy is as follows:
(1) If the Federal Government, Montgomery County Schools Administrative Offices, or Montgomery County Government closes, RSCC will also close.*
(2) If Montgomery County Schools close early, RSCC will also close early.*
(3) As our pick up times are much later than the schools, RSCC may announce an early closure even if the County schools do not.*

*We will provide enough notice to allow parents time to get to the School and pick up their children. In inclement weather situations where we do not close, we ask that parents try to pick up their children early if they can. This will allow us to start sending our staff home.

Please check the website,, your email, or call the school and listen to the inclement weather message for updates before leaving your home. Check back frequently if weather or road conditions worsen.