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Children (6 weeks to pre-kindergarten) are eligible provided they meet health requirements.  Registration requires health forms filled out and signed by a physician and a parent, a completed emergency card, application (Infant or Preschool), a signature acknowledging that you have been given a copy of the “A Parent’s Guide to Regulated Child Care” brochure, a signed Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form, paid deposit, and registration fee. All forms must be returned to the School prior to or on the first day of enrollment. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their child’s health forms stay current.  Whenever children are scheduled to get shots, parents should get a health form from the office for the doctor to fill out, or bring a copy of the shot records after such a doctor’s visit.  

Attendance and Withdrawal

Upon arrival and departure, a responsible custodial adult (age 16 or older) must accompany the child to the class and sign the child in and out with the time and guardian’s signature or initials. Daily diaries are to be filled out for infants and toddlers. Parents must notify the School by 10am each day the child is absent or will arrive late. Written notice must be given to the Director at least one calendar month in advance of withdrawal, or parents will forfeit deposits. (Written notice on January 23 would obligate parents to pay through February 23.) All fees through the terminating period are due before the last day. If a family will be terminating enrollment in the middle of a month, they will be billed for the partial month at either the daily rate or the full monthly rate, whichever is less. Families must stay with the School for at least two months in order to be eligible for a return of their deposit (three months for infants).  

Requested Withdrawal

If the administration judges that the School’s program does not meet the developmental or special needs of a child, or that a child’s or parent’s behavior threatens the physical or mental health of other children or staff or otherwise interferes with the operations of the School, RSCC reserves the right to suspend or terminate that child’s enrollment immediately. The same right is reserved in cases where parents do not abide by the rules and regulations of this handbook. In such a case, no refunds of tuition or deposits would be given. The School may also terminate enrollment for any reason, or no reason, with one calendar month's notice. In that case, any deposits will be applied to the final month's tuition.

In the event that a parent (or other person who has been authorized to pick up or drop off the child) is not abiding by the School’s policies or exhibits behavior the administration judges to be a problem, any of the following actions may be taken by the administration at any time: 1) Informal discussion with the parent; 2) Formal discussion with the parent with a written record of the conversation in their file; 3) Formal meeting with the parent to discuss the issues; 4) Fines; 5) Formal meeting with the parent to discuss suspension or termination of enrollment; 6) Suspension or termination of enrollment with notice; 7) Immediate suspension or termination of enrollment